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With the warmer weather and plants thriving, there’s going to be more pollen in the air which is a challenge for hay fever sufferers as this is a common allergy in the UK. 
We’ve listed a few ways within this blog to help you deal with the rising amounts of pollen in the air and hopefully soften the impact of hay fever. 

Keep your lawn short 

Ensuring that your lawn doesn’t get too long will help prevent the growth of lawn flowers which release pollen into the air. Alternatively, you can switch to Artificial Grass which is a lot safer for hay fever sufferers all year round. 
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The Best Hours to Garden 

In the morning there is a higher level of pollen in the air, as well as in the evening. This makes the best hours to garden between noon and 4pm to avoid an excessive amount of pollen. In addition to this, limiting your gardening to cooler or cloudy days is beneficial as there will be less pollen than on a warmer day. 

Prioritise Specific Plants 

Plants that are beneficial for insects such as bees are also beneficial to us as the pollen is usually hidden inside the plants, making them relatively safe to be around for hay fever sufferers. These are known as insect-pollinated plants and some of the ideal ones include peonies and snapdragons. 

Low Allergy Blooms 

Consider only having plants that don’t have a lot of pollen as this can help if you suffer from hay fever. You will still be able to enjoy your garden while lessening the symptoms you feel. The plants that you should look at getting for this are Peace Lilies, Aloe Vera, Spider Plants and English Ivies. 

Limit your Caffeine Intake 

Did you know that caffeine triggers the release of histamine which can cause the symptoms of hay fever such as a runny nose? Lessening your caffeine intake will help your symptoms to be calmer. 
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Plan Seating Carefully 

To ensure you’re minimising your pollen exposure be sure to sit away from trees and plants in your garden. It may be an idea to invest in a patio or decking area for your garden to sit in if you repeatedly suffer from hay fever as this will cut down your exposure to pollen. 


It may sound strange but wearing a hat and sunglasses can limit your exposure to hay fever. In addition to this, be sure to wash any clothes after being outside for an extended period of time to get rid of the pollen. 

Check Pollen Forecasts 

There are certain websites that will predict the amount of pollen in the air throughout the week. If you’re really struggling with hay fever then we recommend checking and staying in on the worst days where possible. 
You can use the Met Office’s Pollen Forecasts for this, 
We hope that these tips help you to be able to still enjoy your garden while battling with hay fever.  
If you need any help lessening the amount of pollen in your garden, or you would like to create a safe space to sit outside and enjoy the summer then please feel free to get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to help. 
If we can help with getting your garden ready, or if you’re looking to make improvements to your garden, then please don’t hesitate to call us on  
020 8871 0980 today. 
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