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So, you want to add greenery to your garden but are unsure as to whether you should go for the real deal, or artificial grass. 
There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding this such as what the main use for your garden will be, whether you have time for maintenance or want something easier to deal with. 
Since there are pros and cons for both, we’ve created some helpful guidance to assist you in your decision. 
Artificial Grass London

The benefits of choosing Artificial Grass 

The main advantage of choosing artificial grass in your garden is that its appearance isn’t affected by the weather, like real grass is. It always looks fresh and tidy, regardless of the season.  
If you’ve got pets then you might want to consider pet friendly artificial grass. The benefit of this is that with real grass it can end up looking patchy with your pets going about their business, but artificial grass remains looking the same, it may just need a quick rinse with the hose pipe. 
The lack of maintenance required with artificial grass is another great benefit as it means that if you don’t have a lot of spare time, you don’t need to worry about your outdoor living space too much. Real grass requires being regularly watered, mowed and fertilised which can be time consuming. Artificial grass gives you more time to simply enjoy your garden, without worry. 
Artificial Grass Garden
London Artificial Grass

The benefits of choosing Real Grass 

With real grass, it absorbs the rainfall which is great for areas at risk of flooding as you won’t need to worry about your drains being overflowed too much. When getting artificial grass, it’s needs to have proper drainage in order to last a long time. 
Real grass is more environmentally friendly as it provides oxygen, as well as a habitat for wildlife. It also has mental health benefits as having living plants and nature near you has been shown to improve moods and reduce stress. 
As much as artificial grass can look like the real thing, a well mown lawn can really compliment your garden far better and compliment the other plants in your garden with insect life. 
Real Grass London

Which type of grass is best for my garden? 

Now that you’ve seen the above arguments for choosing artificial or real grass, you hopefully have some idea of which one will work best for your garden. 
Sometimes it can just be down to personal preference as many prefer the look of the real thing. Artificial grass has come a long way in terms of appearance as it can now easily be mistaken for the real thing. 

Which grass has lower maintenance? 

If you’re looking to simply enjoy spending time in your garden without worrying about upkeep then we recommend choosing artificial grass. However, if you would still prefer real grass then we’re more than happy to help you with our garden maintenance services. 
With either type of grass, we will carry out a bespoke laying and fitting, so it is laid perfectly in your garden. We pay attention to detail to ensure that the final product is looking it’s best. 
If you’re still unsure which type of grass is best for you or would like to talk with us about your gardening needs, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 8871 0980 today. 
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