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It’s finally autumn and this year has completely flown by. Now the temperature is starting to drop, it’s important to prepare your garden for the colder weather. 
With leaves now littering your garden, there are a few things you can do that will make a difference in protecting your garden from the cold. 
Within this article, we’ve prepared some helpful tips so that you can prepare your garden. 

Start Planting 

Planting bulbs can be a great idea as it means that when spring does finally come back around, your garden will be full of life again. 
If you’ve already got plenty of plants in your garden then it’s good to be mindful of the effects of the colder weather. This weather is harmful to many plants, which is why it’s important to try and protect them, using protective covers is a great way to do this. 
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Protect your Fences 

If you have fences in your garden then make sure to spray them with wood preservatives. Before doing this, be sure to clean any dirt, moss, and fungus off of your fence panels and allow them to completely dry before applying any preservative or paint.  
It’s also important to replace any damaged fencing so this doesn’t get blown over in any storms that the colder weather brings. 

Care for your Lawn 

The colder weather can be harmful to your lawn. Get rid of moss, any dead grass, and weeds since these prevent water from going through to the roots and soil. Protect your lawn by using fertilizer before the really cold weather hits as the soil will still be warm at the moment allowing seeds to germinate. 

Collect up Leaves 

Removing leaves from your garden can be a hassle, but they can cover plants and prevent sunlight from reaching them. Even piles of leaves on your lawn can cause damaging effects so it’s best to scrape these to one side instead. It will also make your garden look a lot tidier. Regularly getting rid of leaves will prevent them from building up and creating more hassle in the future. 
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Put Furniture in storage 

If you’ve been entertaining guests all summer then it’s likely you’ve still got furniture outdoors. However, the colder weather can cause damage which is why it’s a good idea to either put it in storage or cover it to protect it. Invest in outdoor furniture covers for this as you’ll need something waterproof to prevent any rainwater from getting in. 
Damp conditions can harm your furniture, so it's best to try and put it in a shed or indoors somewhere if possible. Rattan furniture is a popular choice in many gardens, but this can easily rot in the rain so it’s a good idea to bring it indoors. 
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